Creating a Voice Message

You can create voice messages and send them to your Wii Friends.

*You can also attach a photo to your message.

*You cannot create messages while you’re chatting.

*Your Wii Friends who do not have Wii Speak accessories can receive voice messages through the Wii Message Board.

Sending a Message
  1. In your chat room, choose . You will go to the message-creation screen.
  2. Select . Your address book will be displayed.
  3. Select to place a letter mark next to your Wii Friend’s name, then choose Select. The message-creation screen will appear.
    You can send a message to up to eight Wii Friends at a time.
  4. Choose then select a Mii Character to attach to the message. This can be done later before sending the message. Also, you can send the message without attaching a Mii Character.
  5. Point at the button labeled “Select here to record voice” and press .
  6. The Wii Speak accessory will start to record once you select Begin Recording. Talk directly into the Wii Speak microphone. The maximum amount of recording time is 10 seconds.
    You can listen to the recording again once you’re finished by pointing at the area with the red outline and pressing . You can also press during the recording to turn on the voice changer.
  7. Select OK to return to the message-creation screen. The comment column display will change to indicate there’s a recording attached.
  8. Point at the button labeled “Select here to add a photo” and follow steps 2 and 3 in the section on sharing a photo during a chat. (see p. 14)
  9. Select OK. The photo-column display will change on the message-creation screen.
  10. Select Send.
*It may take some time for messages to arrive after they’ve been sent.
Receiving Messages

When you receive a message, the Wii Message Board button on the Wii Menu will illuminate. You can also change your Wii System Settings so that the slot on your Wii console illuminates when you receive a new message.

*In order to receive a message, you must have WiiConnect24 set to ON. (see p. 3)

If your Wii Message Board no longer has any free memory, you can save messages on an SD Card. For more information, see your Wii Operations Manual.

  1. Select the Wii Message Board button on the Wii Menu. The Wii Message Board screen will appear.
  2. Choose the voice message you want to listen to. The message will automatically play. If you’d like to hear the message again, select the Back button to return to the Wii Message Board and reopen the message. Select the Start button to open the Wii Speak Channel and create a reply.
    *If the recipient does not have the Wii Speak Channel, there will be a Reply button instead of a Start button.
    Point at and select a photo to view it.
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