Hot pursuit

Each player can choose to compete as a policeman (Chaser) or as a criminal (Target).

The goal of the criminals is to escape the policemen by reaching a certain distance from the nearest policeman, while trying not to be damaged by them.

The goal of the policeman is to fully damage the cars of the criminals. A policeman's car is equipped with three Turbo charges.

The race ends when, within a time limit, all the cars of the criminals are fully damaged, or have reached the minimum distance from the nearest policeman.

At the end of each race, some points are awarded to the players:
- criminal gets 1 point for each 10% of damage not suffered, plus 10 additional points if he manages to escape the policemen
- policeman gets 1 point for each 10% of damage caused to the cars of the criminals

The winner is the score leader after five races.

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