Capture the flag

The goal of this mode is to drive a complete lap while helding a flag (the portion of track traveled with the flag is colored in green on the onscreen minimap), preferably within a time limit.
In order to capture the flag, the racer has to touch the car which is actually helding it. Stealing the flag awards one bonus Turbo charge. If you go out of the track, and your car is repositioned, the flag is lost and repositioned in the middle of the road.
The number of racing cars is equal to the number of human players plus a computer-controlled car.

During each race, the players are awarded some points:
- five points for winning the race
- one point per second left after winning the race
- one point per 30 meters driven while holding the flag
- three points for stealing the flag
- three points for passing a checkpoint (marked with a green square on the minimap) while holding the flag

The winner is the score leader at the end of the fifth race.

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