Story Mode

Solving the Case


To solve the case, you must find out which member of V.I.L.E. carried out the crime.


The villain has left three clues. You have to find these clues to figure out who the villain is.


When you have all three clues, you can apply for an arrest warrant for the villain. If you name the correct villain, you can try to arrest him or her. But, be warned, these villains don’t come quietly!


Mission Briefing


The Statue of Liberty has been stolen! Only one person is evil enough to plan such a terrible crime: Carmen Sandiego, working with her infamous V.I.L.E. network. But who is Carmen Sandiego? And what does her V.I.L.E. network do?


Carmen Sandiego


Carmen Sandiego is the world’s greatest thief and the leader of Villains’ International League of Evil, known as V.I.L.E.


Carmen was once the best detective in ACME . Then she betrayed ACME and became a criminal. Ever since then, she and her villains have carried out daring and impossible crimes all around the world.




Villains’ International League of Evil (V.I.L.E.) is a group of villains. Carmen Sandiego is their leader. There is no crime too low for V.I.L.E.


As a detective with ACME, it’s up to you to track down the villain who stole the statue. You’ll travel to New York and two other exciting locations, talk to witnesses, collect clues, and solve puzzles.


Daunted? Don’t worry! You have ACME, the finest detective agency in the world, to back you up!


The Chief


The Chief is the head of ACME . His face is always in the shadows. Some say it’s because he was horribly scarred after a run-in with Carmen Sandiego.


Ivan Idea


Ivan Idea is one of the ACME Detective Agency’s smartest agents. A certified genius, Ivan is an expert in computers, code breaking, and forensics.



So get going, Detective! Place the cursor on Story Mode on the menu and press to get your mission briefing from the Chief.


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