ACME Phone


Your ACME Phone is your most important piece of equipment.



Here are just some of the things you can do with your ACME Phone:

  • Travel to cities and locations using the Maps.


  • Review what you’ve learned with the Journal.


  • Look up information about villains with Warrant.


  • Replay puzzles you’ve already done in the Puzzle Index.


  • Change the volume controls in Options.


  • Save and quit the game.


To open and close the ACME Phone menu, press on the Wii Remote.


You can also close the ACME Phone by moving the cursor to the edge of the phone, or on the screen behind the phone, and pressing .


But don’t forget, it’s still a phone. A few interesting people have your number, so answer the phone when it rings. You never know what you’ll find out!


When your ACME Phone rings, press to answer it.


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