Controller Setup
How to Hold the Wii Remote
and Nunchuk
Preparing the Wii Remote
and Nunchuk
  1. Feed the wrist strap cord through the connector hook on the Nunchuk plug as shown in the diagram.
  1. With the wrist strap cord fed through the connector hook, insert the Nunchuk plug into the external extension connector on the Wii Remote.
  1. Put your hand through the wrist strap, grasp the Wii Remote firmly, and adjust the strap lock.

Note: If your strap lock has a lock lever, press the lock lever down until you hear a click. This will prevent the strap lock from loosening.

  1. Hold the Nunchuk with your other hand.
The Nunchuk Neutral
Position Reset Feature
If the Control Stick on the Nunchuk is moved out of neutral position (see below) when the power is turned on, or when connecting to the Wii Remote, that position will be set as neutral position, causing incorrect game control during game play. To reset neutral position, do the following:
Take your thumb off the Control Stick and simultaneously hold down , , and on the Wii Remote for approximately three seconds.

Neutral position for the Nunchuk

The neutral position is where no control sticks are tilted and no buttons are being pressed.

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