Konki Needs Your Help!!

Evasive Space takes a unique approach to space exploration. Dr. Dark Matter has stolen the constellation stones to build his evil empire, you must stop him! Use your Wii Remote to lead the intrepid space woman Konki around the galaxy collecting valuable resources and avoiding obstacles.

Select ‘Start Story’ to begin your quest to save the galaxy! You will have the option to play ‘Act 0’, the Tutorial level, this can be accessed again if you need in the ‘Act Select’ screen. If a save is present already, selecting ‘Continue’ will start you where you left off.

Act Select – Once you’ve completed a level, you will be able to select what Act you want to play in. Acts are unlocked as you complete the level before it.

Scene Select – After selecting what Act you want to play, you can now select which level. Levels you cannot access yet will be grayed out.

Scene Intro Screen – Before each level you can read the current story.

Level Objective – Pay attention to the lower-left corner of the screen! Here Konki’s onboard computer will tell you the objective for the current level. If you missed the message, feel free to press the + Button to view the current objective.

Local Leaderboards – After you complete the scene, if you made a top 5 time for that level, you’ll be taken to the local leaderboards. Placing #1 on the local leaderboard will give you the option to upload it to the online leaderboards.

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