Space Worlds

Crazy For Mazies

The ‘maze’ is the primary environment for Evasive Space. You must navigate Konki’s ship through various types of mazes without colliding with either the sides or obstacles. Objectives within each maze usually fall into two categories: Speed or Tally. While there are items for the player to collect here, in ‘speed’ mazes, the player’s main emphasis is on getting from the start point of the maze to its exit in as little time as possible.


Fields of Joy

The first of the ‘outer-space’ environments are asteroid field levels. In these environments, Konki is thrust into an asteroid field and you must deftly navigate the speeding obstructions in order to complete your goal.



This other ‘outer-space’ environment presents you with a ‘moving maze.’ You must navigate Konki’s ship around the rings of a planet or orbit of a sun. You must ensure Konki’s ship remains on-screen at all times. The orbital rings consist of asteroids as well as gaseous bodies.


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