Main Menu
  • The Main Menu Screen
    Press while on the Title Screen to display the Main Menu. Choose a play mode from the available options.
    Note: Available stages and play modes increase as you progress. Newly unlocked items are indicated by the mark.
    The required maximum tentacle length varies depending on the selected stage in Stage Mode. Use to move through the available stages. The number of tentacles increases horizontally, while the stage number increases vertically. Press to start the selected stage.
    Make two or more tentacles as long as possible to achieve a high score. Select the number of tentacles you wish to play with and press to start playing.
    Make a single tentacle as long as possible to achieve a high score. Press to start playing.
    Note: Progress in Stage Mode to unlock themes (selectable backgrounds) for Snake Mode.
    Provides instructions for Stage Mode, Snake Mode and Endless Mode.
    Use to decrease the screen brightness by pressing left. Press right to increase the brightness.
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