Move around using . Press to rotate anticlockwise or to rotate clockwise.
  • Lengthening Tentacles
    Touching other organisms with the same colour tentacle or body part increases the length of that tentacle. It also improves your score in Endless Mode and Snake Mode. Rotating skilfully is the key to matching your tentacles with the right organisms.
  • Damage
    Your organism receives damage if a body part or tentacle touches an organism of a different colour. When damaged, you lose a life and the tentacle breaks at the contact point.

Note: If a segment cluster is damaged, the segments will be released to their original length but the tentacle will not break. However, you will still lose a life.
  • Game Over
    Your game ends when you lose all of your lives. Select one of the following options from the Game Over Screen.
MENU Return to the Main Menu.
RETRY Restart the current mode or stage.
  • Items
    The following three items can be found during play.
  • Heart Item
    The Heart item restores a life.
  • Cyclone Item
    When you pick up a Cyclone item you will be encircled by an energy ball which allows you to perform a Cyclone.
  • Constriction Item
    (Endless Mode and Snake Mode only) Constriction items shorten the tentacle they touch. There are three types with different strengths that can restrict 5, 10 or 20 segments.
Cyclones allow you to absorb every organism that you hit for a limited time. Get a Cyclone item and follow the steps below to perform a Cyclone.
  • Hold or to spin continuously and build up Cyclone energy.
    Note: Cyclone energy is lost if you are damaged before the Cyclone is ready. Hold either button a second time to build up the cyclone energy again.
  • When the Cyclone energy is concentrated around your body, you can release the button to perform a Cyclone.
  • All organisms hit are absorbed during a Cyclone. After a limited time, the Cyclone will end and the quantity of absorbed organisms will be added to the relevant tentacles.
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