Controller Setup
How to Hold the Controller

Hold the controller as shown below to play this software.

Note: For information about how to attach the wrist strap and Wii Remote Jacket, refer to the Wii Operations Manual.

IMPORTANT: Always use the wrist strap when using the Wii Remote. See page 2 Usage Precautions.

Note: Always refer to the instruction manual for each controller that you use.

Neutral Position Reset Feature

If the buttons or sticks on a Nunchuk are off from neutral position* and have stopped operating normally, do the following:

 For the Nunchuk controller
Take your thumb off the Control Stick and simultaneously hold down , , , and on the connected Wii Remote for approximately three seconds.

* The "neutral position" is where no control sticks are tilted and no buttons are being pressed. If any control stick is tilted or any buttons are being pressed when the power is turned on for the Wii console, that state will be set as the neutral position, and the control sticks and buttons will not operate normally.

Neutral Position for the Nunchuk controller
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